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To give our clients the most efficient and cost effective goods and services while actualizing our potentials.

To be the leading software and engineering services provider with innovative products that exceed prevailing international standards.

Our clients include Alaroye, NECO, UNICEF, Synagogue Church of All Nations, Centre for Yoruba Art & Culture, A & T Schools.

Our products anticipates your needs and we are guided by one thing, two actually...

Multi-media tutor (for world geography, social studies & general knowledge), 3D World Virtual Tours Game to navigate all nations (including new ones like South Sudan, Kosovo, etc.) and One-way Traveling Salesman Problem (TSP) solver and simulator for visiting world capitals. Has in-built multi-lingual support for English, French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Russian and Chinese.

Operates in Tutor (Explore) and Challenge (Quiz) modes. Features static and interactive World Atlas providing fifteen most relevant geopolitical information on 213 countries; Name, Capital, Total Area, Population, Time Zone, Telephone Calling Code, Internet Top Level Domain, Location, Currency, Independence, National Day, Religions, Official Languages, Capital’s Geographical Co-ordinates.

Invaluable as school / quiz competition study aid, orientation / fact-finder tool, international gathering utility (to inform and play anthems) / exhibition tool or gift for birthday / honeymoon / pilgrilmage / vacation, etc.


Product Features
Product Attributes
Country identifier on world map tutor Provides context-sensitive Help
Copies selected (isolated) country information and map to Windows Clipboard Scrollable and Zoomable maps
Geographical distance calculator between any two countries Supports Keyboard and Mouse inputs
Country locator on map quiz Supports Full Screen and Windowed modes
3D virtual tour of the world or desired regions Configurable for user preferences
In tours, walls are shaped as actual national boundaries Colorful and fun to use
Text & speech for geopolitical narration or national capitals' quiz Makes learning easy and interesting
Instrumental music of national anthems Provides accurate and recent statistics
Displays national maps showing major cities and boundary nations Broadens understanding of geography, history, current affairs, cultural, linguistic and religious studies
Displays national flags, monuments and currencies Age, Gender and Race neutral
Local date/time in a nation compared to your computer time Suitable for school children and adults
Game to attempt quickest world or regional tours along shortest routes for induction into the Hall of Fame
Provides information that makes one knowledgeable, socially/internationally aware and confident
Aerial view of toured countries Instantiates hundreds of different virtual tour games for record-setting
Supports inclusion of custom images and notes on your computer into countries in virtual reality mode Invaluable tool for educators, scholars, journalists, security personnel, embassies, travelers & travel agents, tourists, etc.
Maintains global Halls of Fame on our website and local HighScores on your computer Provides an extremely convenient and affordable means of learning about the world on your PC
One-way Travelling Salesman Problem Solver and Simulator for World Tours Supports Live Update to download latest files and data from our website

Version 4.1.0 Every school, home & office deserves it®
May require post-installation registration code, depending on license purchased.

System Requirements: Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista & Windows 7
Graphics card must support Hardware Acceleration.
Minimum of 70Mb Hard-disk space, 64Mb Ram

Single-User: USD $19.95 USD $15.95
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1024-User (Network License)
Unlimited Educational Site License

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