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To give our clients the most efficient and cost effective goods and services while actualizing our potentials.

To be the leading software and engineering services provider with innovative products that exceed prevailing international standards.

Our clients include Alaroye, NECO, UNICEF, Synagogue Church of All Nations, Centre for Yoruba Art & Culture, A & T Schools.

Our products anticipates your needs and we are guided by one thing, two actually...

Sales Agents Licensing

Due to requests spurred by the usefulness of our innovative products (even in some remote parts of the world), we are now licensing competent IT Professionals/ Marketers/ Resellers as Authorized Sales Agents. We are interested in establishing strong partnerships with OEMs and potential continental resellers of our packaged products. Applicants should download, fill, sign and return the application form.

Alternatively, you may register as an affiliate online reseller. You will earn a commission of at least twenty percent (20%) on each product sale initiated from you or your website links.

Lainos products range in price from about $20 to $10,000. You could earn between $4.00 and $2000 on each order you enable through your marketing of Lainos Products. Our experience suggests that focused target audiences lead to higher sales, and over 12% of downloaders will purchase. Also, some users buy multiple products at a time.

In this affiliate scheme, you are NOT selling the products directly but only help us find buyers. We will deliver to customers and you do not infringe on our copyright. It is simple and legal.

Unauthorized reproduction, distribution, acquisition or usage of any of our products is illegal, and will be prosecuted to the maximum extent possible under law.

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