IAP Young Scientist World Project

The Inter-Academy Panel (IAP) and the Nigerian Academy of Science (NAS) in 2010 funded an award winning proposal by Asaolu Olumuyiwa Sunday (Ph.D), presented at the previous young scientists gathering of the World Economic Forum. The project goal is to make the Lainos World edutainment software available in different international languages and thereafter assess its effectiveness as a learning tool. This represents a major effort at globally incorporating computer games into the educational process. With a multi-lingual interface supporting English, French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Russian and Chinese, the multi-media geopolitical tutor and world tour application is now available for evaluation and schools reporting via online surveys.

In line with the project goal to "make the application available in different international languages and thereafter assess its effectiveness as a learning tool," we hereby invite all, especially secondary or high schools students and teachers to participate in the surveys. Participants shall upon completion of the educational surveys, receive a StandAlone or Single-User License of the Lainos World software, valued at $19:95. The condition for participation is that one should be conversant with one of the product's supported languages. For maximum benefit, the following steps must be taken:

1. Take the initial survey to receive a temporary Single-user license, a weblink and password for the final survey. This anonymous survey is to obtain background information and evaluate participants geopolitical knowledge. Please specify your preferred language to be used for the survey. It contains fifteen questions which can be completed within few minutes. Take note to store the displayed access information after specifying your country.

2. After downloading, installing, activating and using the Lainos World Software for about two weeks, kindly take the final survey (which closes on June 24) using the access information received on completion of the initial survey. You shall be rewarded with a permanent stand-alone or individual registration key for the current version of the software.

This offer is valid from May 1, 2011 to June 24, 2011

Lainos International Limited, Dr. O.S. Asaolu and their agents reserves the right to enforce or modify these conditions without prior notice. Participants freely choose to do so without expectation of any other benefit other than that stated under prevailing terms. Furthermore, the IAP and NAS are indemified and without any liability to any participant. Dr. Asaolu may also discretionally donate the software to selected schools after the survey if verifiable requests are received.

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